FashTech Digest #3 | Apple Stores recruiting luxury experts, Fashion & Tech + sustainability, Glasses

This week’s latest Fashion & Tech news: high tech meets high fashion, what you need to know about the Future of Fashion Tech, its implications for sustainability, Apple planning its Watch debut…

Apple Stores recruiting fashion/luxury experts ahead of Apple Watch debut – 9toMac

Apple is preparing to deliver some changes to its retail stores in time for the Apple Watch’s early 2015 debut. With former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts leading Apple’s retail efforts and the Apple Watch set to transform the Apple Store into a jewelry store, what could a potential Apple Store makeover include?

5 Things You Need to Know About the Future of Fashion Tech – Alley Watch

The future of fashion tech begins in a chemical laboratory, where one woman dons her best hardhat and most fashionable goggles. This woman is Asmau Ahmed, CEO and engineer of Plum Perfect. She was among three other women on the ‘Future of Fashion Tech’ panel at the 2014 Empire Startups Summit, a two-day conference that took place at Webster Hall this last week.

Five things we learned about fashion, technology and sustainability – the Guardian

In a recent live chat, experts took questions on the marriage of technology and fashion and the implications for sustainability.

High-Tech Meets High Fashion: The New Look of Wearable Technology – Entrepreneur

If wearable tech is to live up to its potential, it needs to start looking better. That’s why a growing number of savvy tech companies are collaborating with forward-looking fashion houses, and startups are focusing on design first.

US Consumers Warm to Wearable Tech, Europeans Cooler – Business of Fashion

Consumers are warming to the idea that wearing a computer on their wrists or clothing may not be the fashion faux pas that early clunky prototypes led many to fear, with 2015 poised to be a breakout for the much-hyped trend.

Is Google Glass on the brink of going mainstream, or the brink of failure? – Digital Trends

“It’s always had a hard road compared to the other wearables on the market because it’s so new.”

YSL Beauté Launches Google Glass Tutorials In Selfridges, WiFi Issues Impact Experience – Fashion Mash

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté launched Google Glass make-up tutorials in its consignment at Selfridges department store in London last week. First offered at Bloomingdales in New York in September, these consultations have sparked quite a bit of press excitement. They’ve accordingly been a great way for the brand to pull in new customers, but the execution appears to be a little patchy.

Interact with Coco Rocha’s 1,000 Poses in 360 Degrees – The Creators Project

Photographer Steven Sebring is no stranger to the creation of dynamic images made using modern technology. Over the last several years, he’s played around with the digital delivery of his art, transforming two major works, the documentary Patti Smith: Dream of Life, and South Dakota photo series Bygone Days, into iPad apps to create virtual art exhibits. For his latest project, a photo book entitled Study of Pose: 1000 Poses by Coco Rocha (from Harper Design) Sebring has created an interactive app, a video installation, and a limited edition series of 3D-printed figurines.

Beacons Pop Up in Stores Ahead of Holidays – Business of Fashion

From American Eagle to Apple Stores, beacons are popping up everywhere. Are they a shopper’s best friend or another pesky Big Brother monitoring our every move?

Facial recognition: Shop where everybody knows your name – BBC News

Imagine walking into a shop you’ve never been in before, to be greeted by name by a sales assistant you don’t know, you might find this attention rather disconcerting. Despite this, thanks to facial recognition software you don’t need to be a celebrity for sales assistants to know your name the moment you enter a shop.

A Customised Experience for Each Shopper? – Business of Fashion

Fashion retailers are using data to deliver individualised customer experiences, from personal homepages to targeted in-store promotions.

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