FashionTech week #2 | NUMA with ESCP Europe, Hall Couture, Iconity & Jeanne Bloch invite you to meet major actors of future of fashion & its hybridation thanks to digital!

Digital printing, connected garments, smart textile: innovation opens infinite opportunities. Bridges between the startup and ready-to-wear ecosystem get stronger and stronger. International groups and startups start to ally to think together about the future of their markets. Paris, city of fashion & innovation, has a special role to play to allow the intersection between these two worlds.

It is with this conviction, that NUMA initiated with success in September 2014 the first FashionTech Week and will renew this experience during Paris Fashion Week in March 2015. For this second edition, events will be organized at NUMA and outsite: debate at ESCP Europe, closing party at La Paillasse. This event aims at helping cooperations emerge and give visibility to the many existing initiatives.



Monday 02 March – Opening eve

Presentation of partners & organizers, conferences on “Fashion & Innovation” with Pierre François Lelouet, CEO at Nelly Rodi, Céline Lippi, director of Fashion Capital Partners, Antoine Menet, e-business Director at The Other Store.

Place: NUMA – 39 rue du Caire 75002 Paris. From 7pm.


Tuesday 03 March – Fashion Pitch Night

7 startups selected by ICONITY, organizer of this event, will pitch in front of a jury composed of: Renaud Guillerm of Vide-dressing, Céline Lippi of Fashion Tech Lab, Benoit Marrel of Breega Capital, Gael Musquet of La Fonderie, Elise Nebout of Numa / Le Camping and Antoine Régis of ChicTypes.

You will also discover two beautiful French Fashion & Tech success stories thanks to the presence of Romain Moyne, co-founder of and Renaud Guillerm, co-founder of Vide-dressing.

Place :NUMA – 39 rue du Caire 75002 Paris. From 7pm.

Tuesday 03 March – Workshop “Light augmented by Dance”

Using the techniques of smart textiles to illuminate the dancers’ body space, Jeanne Bloch creates a vocabulary that is not quite the movement nor quite light but can only exist by the combination both. This research participates in her questioning on ecological alternatives to the stage lighting.

Place: Centre National de la Danse, 1 rue Victor Hugo 93500 Pantin. 6pm – 9:30pm.


Wednesday 04 Mars – Influence of technologies on fashion business models

Round table with Loic Bocher, Co-founder et General Director of Collector Square, Annabelle Nahum, Co-Founder of MyCoutureCorner, Nicolas Petitjean, Innovation Director of DBApparel Europe and Philippe Ribera, Software Marketing Director of Lectra.

Place: ESCP Europe / Amphi Vital Roux – 79 avenue de la République 75011 Paris. 6:30pm – 8pm – round table followed by a cocktail.


Thursday 05 March – Communication at the digital era: multiplicity of times, places and action

With Chloé Beillacou, Client service director at TBWA Paris / DAN Paris, Fabrice Starzinskas, responsible for the studio BRIGHT (innovative diffusion platform and digital co-creation), Gachoucha Kretz, responsible of the MBA “Luxury Business” at ISC-Paris, Pierre Zandrowicz, producer director & pionner of the Oculus Rift. Animated by Charlotte de Broglie, #eCulture #Smartcity #eSanté Project Manager at La Fonderie, Digital Agency in Ile-de-France. Partner: Social Media Club.

Place: La Gaîté Lyrique – 3bis rue Papin 75003 Paris. 7pm – 9:30pm.

Thursday 05 March – How to emerge thanks to new solutions of communication and e-commerce?

With five start-ups : UPfit, WEMOOD , La Boutonnière , Let’s dress and Barlenn. Animated by Fabrice Jonas, founder of Modelab and Fashandy.

Place: ESMOD, 12 Rue de la Rochefoucauld 75009 Paris – 7pm to 8pm.


Friday 06 March – Showroom & closing party

Fashion designers (ethical fashion, fashion & tech and fashion start-up) will showcase their products and one of them will be awarded the price of “Fashion Tech Creator” delivered by a jury composed of Pascal Gautrand, designer & consultant at Made in Town, Isabelle Quéhé , founder of Ethical Fashion Show, Arielle Levy, founder of L’Herbe Rouge, Clothilde Provost, Founder of La Méthode, Pierre Mary, DATA project manager at Tradelab ITD, Martine Baldassari, Economics & Management Professor at Lycée Elisa Lemonnier, Marie-Laurence Chanut, Modelist and Charlotte Boutier, event project manager at Numa. Event hosted by Hall Couture.

Place: LA PAILLASSE – 226 Rue Saint-Denis, 75002 Paris. From 7pm – evening followed by a collaborative cocktail.

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