The 5th FASHION REVOLUTION WEEK is going down on April 22

Join the movement that reinvents Fashion, for a week dedicated to Sustainable Fashion, in France and more than 90 other countries around the world

in brief

Born in Great Britain on Carry Somers’ and Orsola De Castro’s initiative, the FASHION REVOLUTION collective encourage every individual to consumer fashion differently, to question themselves about those that makes it and to think to its many implications on the environment and our societies throughout this complicate process that involves many operations and operators throughout the entire world. For this 5th edition, FASHION REVOLUTION FRANCE intends to go even further by encouraging brands and producers around the world to take the floor and display their actions for transparency.

In April 24 2013, the name Rana Plaza become infamous in the entire world. The collapse of the Dhaka (Bangladesh) garment-factory caused 1,133 people’s deaths and left approximately more than 2,500 injured.

Every year, in remembrance of the deadliest garment-factory accident in history, the FASHION REVOLUTION movement organizes an awareness week in more than 90 countries. In order to spread and reinforce actions, FASHION REVOLUTION FRANCE organizes events this year, in many cities of France (Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Lille-Roubaix, Marseille, Nantes) during a week, from April 22nd to the 29th.


In France, an important step in corporate responsibility and protection of environnement and human rights was made in March 27 2017, which marks the day that the french Assemblée Nationale  definitively introduced and adopted a new law baptized “Devoir de vigilance des sociétés mères et entreprises donneuses d’ordre ».


This bill forces big companies to adopt a vigilance plan to prevent human rights and environmental infringements that their activities may cause, both in France and in foreign countries. As a result, victims can start legal proceedings in case these companies neglect their duties, if such incident were to happen. This law forces them to implement a vigilance plan on their entire supply chain, subsidiaries and subcontractors across the globe (law 2017-399 of March 27 2017, which took effect in 2018).

For its 5th edition, the FASHION REVOLUTION WEEK goes further by encouraging brands and producers around the world to take the floor and display their actions for transparency. For the occasion, designers will open the doors of their studios to the public for an operation entitled OPEN STUDIO.


Through this initiative, the collective wishes to introduce the faces and hear the many stories of manufacturers, farmers and producers involved in the fashion industry and demonstrate the added value of transparency. Brands also have the opportunity to deliver concrete answers to consumers and to present the persons behind the clothes they produce by using the hashtag #ImadeYourClothes.

Visit Fashion Revolution’s official website for more information about the event and eventually join us in taking part to its 5th edition.

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