Hands on the EMEL+ARIS heating coat

Feeling like the future of comfort

It’s been quite some time that I wanted to get my hands on a heating coat, like the Moon Berlin, or the Courrèges coat we previously presented here. So you can imagine how excited I was when I received a beautiful box from EMEL+ARIS, containing their innovative yet traditional-looking heating coat. Here are some pictures and thoughts on this (invisible) tech-infused coat.

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EMEL+ARIS was founded in 2015 to close the gap between fashion and function with luxury life-enhancing ‘wearable technology’. As they believe innovation in design & tech can improve everyday products, the firm has been working on improving wellbeing one fashion piece at a time. With a function-first objective, the  brand has unveiled a first product which doesn’t compromise with aesthetics: the Smart Coat.

A self-heating luxury coat for both men & women

Wearing the EMEL+ARIS Smart Coat. Credit: Clara Lei.

When I received the coat, it was safely wrapped into a large box, which contained both the coat, two batteries and a wall charger.

With technology seamlessly integrated

Trying on the coat feels like trying on any luxury coat, with a twist that you wouldn’t find if no one tells you, it can warm up. The technology has been seamlessly integrated into the coat, so that no one could imagine it’s holding some inside. And it’s pretty well hidden inside a discrete zip-pocket.


Wearing the EMEL+ARIS Smart Coat. Credit: Clara Lei.

So how does it work? Hidden under the lining of the Smart Coat is a slim and lightweight proprietary heating system. Unlike traditional heating, their system is not made with wires: the heat spreads through an inert specially-formulated polymer. The tech conducts heat uniformly without producing hotspots, so that there is no risk of burning. It exhibits a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) which means there’s no need for thermostats or fuses. And the only wiring is the short cable connecting the battery to the coat, in the tiny pocket inside the coat.

I chose the Wrap Coat in camel, but it also comes in various colours; as well as in a trench for Spring!

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