Dyne: a glimpse of the Future of Fashion from the Techwear scene

How the label breaks barriers and embraces technology with a purpose

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During Florence’s Pitti Uomo, designer Christopher Bevans was awarded with The Woolmark Company‘s inaugural Innovation Award for his submission, an ’80s-inspired technical snowboarding wardrobe, done under his brand DYNE. As an ex-Nike, YEEZY and Billionaire Boys Club, DYNE embodies heavyweight Christopher Bevans’ new ambition and creative vision: breaking the barriers of fabric, fit and function.

The name is Christopher Bevans, and he is far from being new to the international scene. Indeed, the Rochester, New York native, Fashion Institute of Technology graduate and streetwear heavyweight has been around for quite some time now; just as his curriculum shows, from his noteworthy design accomplishments (with brands such as Nike, Billionaire Boys Club, Sean John, YEEZY, adidas, Proenza Schouler, …) to his history with high profile celebrities including Kanye West, Jay-Z, Prince, John Legend, Lebron James and A$AP Rocky. With the support of Julie Gilhart (one of his mentor and an industry figure known for nurturing talent like Proenza Schouler, Alexander Wang and Public School) and while serving as Creative Director for Beast Mode (the clothing brand of NFL running back Marshawn Lynch), Christopher Bevans focuses today on developing his tremendous brand DYNE, which is poised to have a major impact on the fashion scene in a near future.

“We treat the active everyday lifestyle like a sport. I can’t compete with Nike, adidas, and Under Armour when it comes to sport—but I will tell you that everybody is active. That’s where I can compete.” Christopher Bevans, founder and designer of DYNE

Launched in 2014, DYNE (from Greek, δύναμις, dynamis, meaning power, force) is a luxury sports apparel line inspired by technology (in substance, technical wear) which unwaveringly climbed the streetwear ranks, thanks to its unique take on sportswear-infused clothing and its very singular purpose: to empower a new transition for global apparel, created for the « linminal » world and the demands of everyday life, merging Bevans’ design aesthetic of technical materials to everyday utility. As a result, the label creates forward-looking sportswear, with its very own luxury and technological twist that blends progressive technology with street-savvy graphics, combining fabric, fit and functionality all together.

DYNE’s Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

As seen during the Fall/Winter 2017 season, Bevans’ showed his collection in a futuristic venue sponsored by Samsung. Turns out that theme perfectly complemented Bevans’ design aesthetic of technical materials meshed with everyday utility.  

“We pride ourselves on pushing the limits and it’s important to tell this story so other creative designers can also embrace innovation.” Christopher Bevans, founder and designer of DYNE

Following the 2018 edition of the International Woolmark Prize, DYNE has been recently rewarded as the brand with the most innovative and creative wool fabrication, process and development, becoming the very first label to take home the inaugural Innovation award, the third trophy created in partnership with Future Tech Lab. Bevans presented a collection of snowboarding garments, including a praised water-resistant wool jacket embedded with an NFC chip able to track users in the event of an avalanche.

The Innovation Award powered by Future Tech Lab celebrates the collection with the most innovative and creative wool fabrication, process or development.

It was awarded to the finalist who demonstrated the most exciting approach to help reduce its social and environmental footprint. DYNE will receive $100,000 along with commercial opportunities.

“For me he was definitely the leader in innovation. The NFC chips he embedded in his collection, and the fabrication of the snowboard gear, really stood out. He really thinks about technology every step of the way. » Miroslava Duma, founder of Future Tech Lab


In the meantime, Bevans worked on an impressively relevant new project with sustainable fashion brand Save The Duck. Conceived with innovative and high-performance fabrics, the collaboration saw both brands being extremely careful about the most important aspect of the genderless collection: ensuring all along the process that the design and manufacturing are sustainable and animal free. The new collaboration is now available and distributed in the top 100 luxury stores worldwide thanks to a partnership with Tomorrow.

We look forward to seeing more from DYNE in the seasons to come. Considering the possible future it envisions, the label easily ranks, in our opinion, among the streetwear brands with a profound and sincere understanding of what it takes to be an innovative brand in all its aspects these days. But to be frank, one must admit it’s even more thrilling when the revolution seeing fashion and technology getting closer originates from an emerging and authentic label.

For more information, visit DYNE online and Christopher Bevan’s Instagram account.

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