With Dior Eyes, Dior finally enters the Virtual Reality game with the help of Digitas LBI

Virtual Reality (VR) in Fashion is a fantastic way to bring fans & customers into new immersive experiences. To name a few Westfield, Rebecca Minkoff, Topshop or Tommy Hilfiger already tapped into this new technology to offer their customers new ways to immerge into their brands’ behind the scenes. So now, finally, Dior is stepping into the VR game with its own custom VR headset.

Back in March, I wrote a piece about Fashion playing with VR on our partner’s blog INTERLACED, exploring how fashion brands use this new technology to engage their customers. So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that Dior finally decided to do it too.


Called Dior Eyes, the VR headset was created with the help of Digitas LBI. In less than 3 months of R&D, the Fashion House managed to prototype an entirely 3D-printed headset. Using a Samsung Note 4 for the screen, with a high density screen (515 ppp), the headset offers a 2K image resolution without too much pixels associated to a FOV (Field of Vision) of almost 100°. Adding to that a holophonic sound that was live-captured at 360° thanks to a binaural microphone that recreates to the perfection an enveloping sound sensation evolving with the wearer’s movements.

With this headset, Dior settles in the “retailtainment”, a new era in the relationship between the Fashion House and its publics, sharing a new kind of contents and offering them a new retail experience.


Yet, if you expect to get your hands a set of Dior Eyes, you will have to wait until June to try it in a selection of Dior boutiques around the world. Unfortunately, you won’t have the privilege to immerse into a fashion private show from your own home!

Watch the video below to discover how Dior Eyes will give you a view of backstage with the Fashion House’s make-up artists sharing their work.


Last, but not least, I still have to say this is disappointing from Dior to do it now. Because other fashion and beauty brands did it before (is that why they suddenly have an interest into VR?) Topshop, Minkoff, Hilfiger… And I would expect from a Fashion House with such an innovative DNA to take risks and do it first. Back in 2014, even YSL – the L’Oréal license, not Slimane – used another wearable, the Google Glass to offer make-up lessons to their clients. And you, what do you think about this initiative?

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