Paris Creative Tech Tank, a think tank for creative innovation

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Technology has changed creation a lot in the past ten years. Creation & technology have been feeding each other and new jobs appeared. These evolutions lead a collective of nerdy minds to create the Creative Tech Tank, a think tank aiming to accompany the groundbreaking revolutions that are happening in the creative industries.

CTT’s mission is to represent the emerging professions that surround innovative creation and to promote new collaboration models. It means engaging communities, set events and develop specific expertises.

Breaking down barriers between fields & disciplines in favor of a common territory between art and code. Beyond digital communication and its traditionnal actors, innovative creation has settled in many other fields : Startups, Makers, Media Artists, Laboratories, …

The idea behind the project is to promote an open culture from coders, artists, and also those roaming in between to gather all creative communities.

Creative innovation has many faces and many actors the Creative Tech Tank now aims to gather, giving them a status, a forum and means of action. If you recognize yourself in this initiative or if it you’re just curious, join us! (@createch_tank). Clausette is proud to be a signatory of the CTT’s manifesto (that you can read here in English, and here in French).

Joining us is an opportunity to take part in a new community, to make our cause grow and carry out joint projects.

This community will be federated around different events: workshops and conferences will be organized with partners to accelerate the diffusion of knowledge; talks will also be held to highlight the vision of the CTT at conferences, events, schools, … Not forgetting regular meetings between members of the CTT.

Now let’s start upgrading!

The CTT Founders:
_ President Stéphane Maguet @smaguet
_ Vice-president, Guillaume Cartigny @canheads
_ Secretary Florian Harmel @florianharmel
_ Treasurer Eric delafoy @EricDelafoy

Signatories :
Stéphane Maguet — We Are Social
Benjamin Bartholet — Publicis Dialog
Brice Najda — Big Youth
Julien MAHE — Publicis Conseil
Hamdi CHAHED — Wildbox Productions
Romain Hetzel — Indépendant
Laurent Berthelot — Indépendant
Fabrice Starzinskas — Bright
Noemie Balmat —
Florian Harmel — Ekino
Thomas Alves Machado — Rapp
Guillaume Cartigny — Publicis Conseil
Julien Dassonval — We Are Digital Producers
Nicolas Chesné — Australie
Joffrey ELIS — Wanda Productions
Morgan Pitois
Florence Pierrini — Aquent
Gurvan Prioul — Publicis Conseil
Jérémy Treccani — FCB Paris
Perrine Grua — Aquent
Frédéric Lim — Sensology
Nicolas Petremann — Lost Mechanics
Etienne Durand — Hopscotch
Guillaume Rancurel — BBDO Paris
Eric Delafoy — Nighshift
Vincent Boniakos — BETC Digital
Nicolas Rauber —
Emmanuel Quéré — Les Gaulois
Manuel Sanchez — Tiltology
Marie-Pierre Bordet — AACC
Michael Paquereau — DDB
Charles Tauzy — AACC
Cécile Lejeune — Publicis
Benoit Klajn- Highlab
Aurélien fache
Nicolas Rajabaly — Make Me Pulse
Joffrey Lavigne — Auteur interactif
Bertrand Tronsson — AKQA
Antoine Ughetto — Make Me Pulse
Andrzej Wieczorkiewicz — Lumini
Ky Lân Vu Tong — Ekino
Vincent Guimas — Nouvelle Fabrique
Laure Boudias — Manifestes Paris
Efflam Daniel- Publicis Nurun
Benoît Drouillat — Designer interactifs
Morgan Villedieu — Firstborn NYC
Alexandre Cadain — XPO Studio
Jean-Patrick Labouyrie
Laure Poulain — Gobelins
Mathias Roumy — Make Me Pulse
Sylvain Bernardi — Make Me Pulse
Christophe Massolin — Make Me Pulse
Florian Zumbrunn — Artist

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