Daenerys meets the LED dress at Yiqing Yin

Blooming Ashes

What if one day, everything disappeared? During her first show as a permanent member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, Yiqing Yin raised the question of rebuilding a world from scratch. Seeing ornament as a final refuge, metamorphosis as our last subterfuge. The designer explored the question through interesting collaboration with textile designer Coen Carstens, harness creator Lolo Chatenay and light sculptor Bastien Carré.

Collaboration is the new black, and this season Couture makes no exception to the rule. When all must be reinvented, the woman transforms and recovers her lost powers. Sheltered in a fur dress crafter like a mosaic adorned with laser-cut leather scales, she becomes a persona of a mythology yet to be written.

Daenerys meets high tech heroes


The Yiqing Yin woman is our hero for an empty future, a shaman in all her power and apparent fragility, entwined with braided earth red leather harness turned into falsely protective bustiers by Lolo Chatenay. As she metamorphoses, her skin is laced with fragile lianas made of embroidered branches aspiring to softly constrain her body.

Beauty as a strength, the amazon wears fragile chainmail mesh or armor like second skins composed with copper wired snaps. A victorious woman, veiled and unveiled in her delicate jersey and embroidered chain dress, stripped of any artifice. A powerful and paradoxal woman who builds her armor with all that remains, with an instinctive gesture.


Fur jackets meet woven fur dresses, an ode to modern comfort, targeting a tony kind of client, while the last (but not least) wire creation calls on the arty, avant-garde steps of Iris van Herpen.

A woman of the depths, dresses in iridescent organza composed of pin tucks cascades.


And the creature of the night, clothed in light from the limbo in her futuristic dress made of LEDs and piano strings, co-created with light sculptor Bastien Carré. A bioluminescent creature mysteriously emerging from the abyss. Where survival rises into the sublime.



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