ITW | Coralie Marabelle presents her collab with La Redoute

La Redoute, French major Fashion reseller, renews its will to democratise French style. Last winter was dedicated to our beloved Jacquemus, and the coming winter will feature three young designers, emblematic of the new French style, Etienne Deroeux, Christine Phung and Coralie Marabelle. Chosen by Sylvette Lepers, responsible for La Redoute Style Bureau, the three designers created exclusive collab collections for the brand. I had the chance to discuss with Coralie Marabelle about her collaboration with La Redoute and the daily life of a young designer in Paris.
After working for Hermès at the Women’s Ready-to-Wear studio, Maison Margiela on the Haute Couture line, and most recently for Alexander McQueen Women’s Ready-to-Wear studio in London; Coralie decided to participate in the Hyères International Fashion Festival in 2014, and won the Public prize for her womenswear collection. She was also part of the last finalists for the prize Grand Prix de la Création de la Ville de Paris 2014. She recently presented her second collection during the Hyères Festival 2015.

For La Redoute, Coralie signs a feminin and structured 10-pieces capsule collection, which will hit the e-store on June 15th.

After presenting a collection entirely made of sewing unique pieces made by hand for the Hyères Festival, it was very appealing to imagine a collection easier to wear in everyday life.” says Coralie.



Clausette: Hi Coralie, thank you for accepting this interview! Tell us more about you, what is your educational background? How did you come accross the Fashion industry?

Coralie Marabelle: I learnt to sew at the age of 8 and couture quickly became my favorite hobby. Later I started with business studies, studying in Paris, Madrid and New York. After obtaining my Master in marketing and communication, I went back to my passion for fashion and work at Hermes for 1 year, first in art buying and then within the womenswear design studio as a assistant designer. In the meantime, I did a contest where I won a scholarship to go and study fashion design at the Studio Berçot in Paris. After my studies I did a first internship at Alexander McQueen, and then at the artisanale/couture line at Maison Margiela. Right after I got my first job at McQueen and went back to London.

C.: You already have two Hyeres festivals behind you, and now you’re launching a collab with La Redoute! What is your collection about? Your inspiration, its starting point and how it has evolved in the process?

C.M.: My collection is about french style and femininity. I was inspired by french women from the sixties. I like the positive mood of this time. I wanted to create a garde-robe easy to wear in the every day life with the spirit of the french effortless elegancy.

C.: After all these cool projects, what are your plans for the coming year?

C.M.: Lots of new projects! 

C.: We love to see young designers emerge throught the crowded space of Fashion, but we also know that it is sometimes really hard to get noticed. What is your advice for young graduates to succeed in the industry?

C.M.: I would advise them to work more more more. And to try all the contests. It is a good way to challenge yourself and to show your work.

C.: Are you interested by innovation and technology, as new ways to interprete Fashion? 

C.M.: I am not really into this but I am always open to try new techniques.

C.: Thank you for your time Coralie! We wish you a lot of success with your collab and can’t wait to our hands on it! 

C.M.: Thanks to you!

Coralie Marabelle x La Redoute

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Coralie Marabelle AW14 collection



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