Connected Haircut

Hairdressing salons enter the digital era

in brief

CONNECTED HAIRCUT is an innovative “digital, in-store and, above all, omnichannel” concept launched by Shopper Connecté. It allows more adjustment, more fluidity and more connectivity, thus improving the customer experience. In short, CONNECTED HAIRCUT revamps hairdressing salons and makes them enter the digital era.

CONNECTED HAIRCUT is an innovative “digital, in-store and, above all, omnichannel” concept launched by Shopper Connecté. It allows more adjustment, more fluidity and more connectivity, thus improving the customer experience. In short, CONNECTED HAIRCUT revamps  hairdressing salons and makes them enter the digital era.

Formally, we used to pick an haircut on a catalogue, without being sure the chosen one, the one we will live with for the next three months (until it has grown again) fits our morphology or our hair type. But now it is different! The magic mirror of CONNECTED HAIRCUT examines the face features while the connected headband analyzes the hair thickness, color and density. Then, the customer answers a short questionnaire to help understanding  the hair beauty routine. All these datas are afterward processed to find the perfect match (aka your hair  identity). 

The apparatus also allows customers to post the chosen haircut on social networks in order to ask friends about in real time before taking any decision. At same time, this exposure contribute to increase the hairdressing salon visibility, thus giving hairdressers the opportunity to geolocally target new prospects.

CONNECTED HAIRCUT service includes a mobile app where you can  refer to your hair diagnosis and the haircuts history, find advices about the hair maintenance and buy the recommended products directly on the e-shop. The app can also send notifications when it is time to tidy up the haircut or hair dye again and enable to directly make an appointment with the hairdresser. Last but not the least, the app give access to special offers and discounts.

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Post written by Aurore Bendavid, Contributor


Graduate student from a Master in International Marketing Paris, Aurore likes fashion and high tech, but also art, kimonos and travels.  She joined Clausette Magazine in March 2016.

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