Anouk Wipprecht to lead CODAME’s new SF-based FashionTech Lab

The talented Anouk Wipprecht, FashionTech pioneering designer, has been announced as Creative Director of the upcoming FashionTech Labs by CODAME. Located in downtown San Francisco, the new dedicated research and development studio will focus on collaborative innovation through CODAME’s curated network of local and international artists, engineers, architects, fashion designers, scientists, and major tech companies to accelerate the field of art and technology.

Anouk’s key focus is to make fashion ahead of her time, combining the latest in science and technology to create an experience that transcends appearances. Partnering with companies such as Intel, Autodesk, Google, Microsoft, Cirque Du Soleil, Audi, and 3D printing company Materialise she researches how our future would look as we continue to embed technology into what we wear.


“CODAME Labs is a place where hardware gets tested, robotics get styled, and electronic textiles get crafted in order to make a push for a new generation of devices that is not handheld – but wearable or even omnipresent living around us. Having access to the newest gadgets and tools including 3D scanners, 3D printers, VR, microcontrollers, and tiny sensor modules, CODAME Labs is determined to playfully produce amazing projects around the clock” says Wipprecht.

CODAME Labs is now seeking proposals from San Francisco bay-area based and international designers, artists, engineers and technologists with a taste for fashion and an urge to create innovative projects around the theme of “interface” by taking a look into new interactions we can have with the world around us on the topic of fashiontech. Current participants include renowned and forward thinking artists as Tiffany Trenda, Behnaz Farahi, Ricardo O’Nascimento, Valerie Lamontagne, Alex Murray-Leslie of Chicks on Speed; futuristic fashion labels like Elektro Couture and Sensoree, and many more. Submit your project and get the opportunity to join this incredible team.

This powerful lineup of researchers, emerging talent, designers and tech pioneers might just be what the industry needs to make things happen! For more information on how to get involved as a sponsor, it’s just here.

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Post written by Noémie Balmat, Founding editor-in-chief

Interested in the future of fashion, the digital revolutions and advertising, Noémie has a valuable three-year experience in international advertising agencies and works with young innovative designers as a fashion tech freelance consultant. She launched Clausette Magazine in November 2014 to gather cool projects linking fashion & innovation in one place. Sensitive to the technological and scientific evolutions, she takes part in several Fashion Tech weeks and events as a speaker (Who’s Next, WEAREABLE by Showroom Privé, FashionTech Days…).

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