NYFW | Chromat brings Fashion Tech to the top with Intel Curie chip

The New York Fashion Week brought some amazing wearables to our eyes! Chromat, the Structural Experiments for the Human Body brand, which already amazed us during last March New York Fashion Week, just unveiled two next level wearable tech pieces during its runway show on September 11th. The Adrenaline Dress and the Aeros Sports Bra were made in collaboration with Intel and its Curie chip technology, announced at Las Vegas CES last January.

The Adrenaline Dress spreads its wings to protect you


The Adrenaline Dress is composed of 3D printed panels and has been designed in collaboration with Francis Bitoni (he’s behind Dita von Teese 3D printed dress, amongst other great pieces), and an interlinked, expandable carbon fiber framework. Somehow like Anouk Wipprecht’s Spider Dress (also announced at Vegas CES last January), the Chromat dress senses when adrenaline levels get high and mimics the fight-or-flight mode, extending the wearer’s sensory system to form an imposing shape.

Amazing and intricate work that proves again that Fashion and 3D Printing make a really hot couple. But, yes, I see you coming. It is still somehow made for editorial photo-shoots or runways, but not really adapted for real life. But just stare at this, you can’t tell me it’s not the future. A future where intelligent chips are incorporated to garments so beautifully that you don’t feel you are wearing technology anymore. This gets me so excited!

For the most skeptical of you, the next wearable is more easily wearable and somehow useful in the sports area. And since it is in the brand’s DNA, it’s even more relevant.

The smart sports bra opens or closes according to your stress level

Sports bra Chromat

Also integrating Intel’s Curie chip, the Aeros Sports Bra reacts to levels of stress through sweatiness and body temperature. Trimmed with tiny blue lights, it leverages shape memory by using sensors to make vents in the bra’s band, opening and closing it automatically.

With integration of the Intel Curie module, the sports bra can intuitively respond to perspiration, respiration and body temperature. This responsive clothing enables the wearer to break through barriers such as overheating to achieve peak performance.

The Intel powered garments, along with the full collection of swim, sportswear and footwear, illustrate the potential of future integrations of fashion and technology at its best. Chromat says it is “focused on empowering the body by elevating the utility of clothing and accessories with intelligent capabilities”. And we more than agree, Fashion brands grabbing innovation insights from tech events like the CES and incorporating tech discretely into their designs are definitely the Future of Fashion. Before seeing what they hold for next season, let’s travel in time with below pictures from the runway.


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Post written by Noémie Balmat, Founding editor-in-chief

Clausette_servicesInterested in the future of fashion, the digital revolutions and advertising, Noémie has a valuable three-year experience in international advertising agencies and works with young innovative designers as a fashion tech freelance consultant. Currently working for Publicis Conseil in Paris, she launched Clausette Magazine in November 2014 to gather all cool projects linking fashion & innovation in one place. Sensitive to the technological and scientific evolutions, she takes part in several Fashion Tech weeks and events as a speaker (Paris, Tokyo, Roubaix…).

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