Chromat AW15 | Becca McCharen’s vision of the Future is neon-green bright with Swarovski crystals

What’s exciting with NYC Fashion Week is that fashion is all over the place. And in 2015, we get more and more designers incorporating technology into their collections. Last night, Chromat showcased transgender women inspiring a futuristic vision of femininity – complete with latex and nipple lasers. Wait. What?

Mind over the body at Becca McCharen’s autumn/Winter 15 show

Sculptural cages, latex suspenders flashing cheeky winks from behind, and PVC bras fitted with neon-green laser beams. McCharen teamed up with Icelandic sculptor Hrafnhildur Arnardottir to create 3D-printed jewelry and design the cages, and Michael Potvin from Nitemind to wire up the lasers flashing out light intended “to simulate neuron connections within the brain.”

“I see technology as a way to enhance and augment our lives – so whereas some people think ‘Oh my God, robots will kill us all’, I want to use it in every way possible”, Becca McCharen told Dazed & Confused.

The designer recruited an electric team to incorporate lasers into bra tops. She used Swarovski crystals to decorate a white cage, designed by Shoplifter (aka Hrafnhildur Arnardottir) – he created Björk’s hair masterpiece for the Medúlla album cover. The collection was more than just latex lingerie – McCharen went for the scientifically complex.

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