Is Chanel finally embracing technology?

How many frustrated clients, who were just ready to order Chanel items from their laptops, have been forced to find other options? After ignoring e-commerce for far more than a decade, the brand finally announced its future would include e-commerce. Whoosh. That was about time. Then, at the Paris-Salzburg Show in NYC, Julianne Moore was spotted wearing a pair of… light-up shoes.

Finally admitting e-commerce as part of the equation

First came the announcement of Bruno Pavlovsky, Chanel’s president of fashion, saying the brand would soon step into the e-commerce game. And that, let me remind you, is quite a thing. The fashion house has been ignoring the lands of e-commerce for more than a decade now (when you think Net-a-porter was launched in 2000, that makes us quite old). Remember that Exane BNP Paribas study? Published in October 2014, it showed how the brand only sold its beauty products online, completely leaving the other products categories left behind: no accessories, no bags, no clothes, no nothing. So when you want(ed) to buy yourself a treat – from a pair of custom earrings to a new it-bag – you could just look for other options, including from other brands who do understand the power of e-commerce. Here’s how they score, among some slow-moving luxury brands and others who rule it like Burberry.

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When Exane BNP Paribas Managing Director Equities for Luxury Goods Luca Solca forecasts “digital could be “the next China” for the luxury industry, adding about $43 billion in sales through 2020″ one can only wonder where the risk of having its goods sold online is! Seriously, I don’t get it. Chinese market on top, with its online retail spending expected to surpass $1 trillion by 2019, holds a real demand for luxury goods to be accessible to buy online. We’re in 2015.

Lighting shoes, Karl’s tech expression


A few days ago, Karl Lagerfeld invited all the gratin to showcase his Paris-Salzburg show. In between all kinds of buzzing news, Johnny Depp’s daughter Haute Couture debuts, Cara Delevingne singing her ad duet with Pharrell Williams, Beyoncé instagraming her Chanel bag, was Julianne Moore. The actress was spotted wearing glowing shoes. Chanel’s own version of our late LA gear shoes. After the Orphe light-up sneakers, we’re happy to see Lagerfeld’s glimpse of interpretation of fashion tech, which is part of the Dubai collection presented last year. But that’s not a first, Fall 2011 already featured LED shoes.

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