CES2016 | DAY 2: Smart mirrors, 3D printed fashion and a focus on #HighTechBeauty!

After covering the CES2016 (Consumer Eletronic show) on Monday and Tuesday we keep going with a second Day almost entirely related to HighTech Beauty!



  • The Memory Mirror Solution by Intel gives Shoppers a 360 degrees insight of their look with clothing items, allowing them to compare outfits by remembering the looks (that’s why it is called Memory) and can virtually make you try clothes on after scanning you!



  • MyMiraFit released their lovely fitness bracelet. Yet another fitness bracelet…


BEAUTY highlights


  • Mapo, the connected beauty mask that just launched its kickstarter is at CES! We already presented it as “a fully personalized connected, multi-function and easy-to-use beauty mask”, it helps you measuring you skin health and advices you on your cosmetic choices.photo-original
  •  Guive Balooch, global vice president of L’Oréal’s Technology Incubator, has announced a temporary Tatoo called MyUVPatch developed with PCH, the Irish product engineering firm that also manufactures the wearable Ringly. Through the app, the strechable sensor that tells you how much UV exposure you are subject to. The tattoo lasts 5 days. The plan is to offer the tatoo when people buy solar creams at skincare brands such as La Roche Posay.


  • HairMax is a laser treatment you put over your scalp for 90 seconds every night to make your hair regrow and get thicker. Ok, it may make you look super silly, but if it works this could help lots of people!


  • Gloscience, a teeth whitening device that got an Edison Award !


  • Inail, the 3D nail printer that can print anything on your nails within 8 seconds! It is very expensive though, but if it really works, and could be the death of nail artists. 


  • Panasonic Future Mirror can analyze your skin problems: your wrinkles, sun damages and other flaws and tell you which products you should use to fix them. It also allows people to try different make-ups (and receive step by step tutorials) and facial hair styles. Panasonic said the mirror would first be sold to department stores to help shop sell beauty.

  • Modiface, a company that has developed virtual makeover and skin-care visualization technology. The 3D Makeover is only working with their mirror and only works for skin and make up, the hair makeover being still a great challenge. In fact, hair is far more difficult to map, and no technology has ever succeeded in creating a great 3D hair makeover tool yet.  I worked on an App with them for L’Oréal called StyleMyHair, and both the team and the technology are great!


There’s also Foreo (cleansing and anti-aging devices that looks like colorful toys!), Illuminage Beauty (anti-aging solution device).


  • The future of beauty lays in beauty makeover products that let you experiment before you commit, skin and hair analysis tools, new tools for skin stimulation and flaw elimination, tools to provide better posture, shield from harmful sun rays, and create a more beautiful smile, augmented and virtual reality beauty solutions, and age detection analysis.
  • “The introduction of Beauty Tech at CES exemplifies once again how technology has become a part of every aspect of our daily lives. From our fitness regimens to our fashion accessories to our daily beauty routines, there are innovative high-tech solutions. How to look your best is one more instance to celebrate technology.”
  • “Augmented reality in the context of trying on beauty products is a technology that consumers love to use while increasing awareness and engagement for beauty brands” Modiface CEO Parham Aarabi.

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Post written by Tali Fitoussi, Editor

Graduate student from IFM Paris, Tali is passionate about fashion and technology. Involved in valuable collaborations and internships at global companies like L’Oréal or Condé Nast, she helped organizing a conferences sessions at IFM Paris, and joined Clausette Magazine in September 2015.

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