CES2016 | Day 0: Smart Bra, smart jewellery, smart shirt. Welcome to wearableland!

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Clausette Magazine is closely following CES2016 (Consumer Electronic Show), one of thTech conference of the year. Stay Tuned for a day to day report.

Clausette Magazine is closely following CES2016 (Consumer Electronic Show), one of the very best HighTech conferences of the year. Stay Tuned for a day to day report.

What happened today?


    • OMsignal, after launching a smart teeshirt for men in 2014, the brand is introducing the OMbra, a bra that wirelessely records real-time biometrics and delivers them straight to your phone.
      It’s not revolutionary, but the conductive yarn is  smartly used, and the smart box device is not too heavy. One more good point goes to the design, which is very respectful of the woman body. We expect them to improve, like most of the wearables on the market, their recommandation system on their app, for example with specific movements and personalized coaching throughout time. 

  •  Wisewear, the smart jewellery with mobile notifications, activity tracking & distress messaging launched its collection of three gold or silver bracelets. Iris Apfel will be their muse for this collection!
    Another smart jewellery ? Yes, but a beautiful one. We love the fact that it communicates through haptic notifications and not through a screen, which does not interrupt human contact. We also like the distress messaging, because if they care about women, we care about them. Also, the fashion tratment is a cool marketing moove. Go on Wisewear!  


  • The Helix Cuff, the fashion wearable with extractable headphones, got a bit confused on Twitter about the CES Innovation Awards 2016. Anyway, now we know they have been honored in the Wearable Technologies category.


  • Samsung creative lab ( C-lab) unveiled three new wearable concepts : a hand motion controller for Gear Virtual Reality headset (Rink) , a health tracking smart belt (Welt) and a call enhancing watch strap (TipTalk). Samsung said these are concepts, wishes to “assess their market potential” at CES2016 through visitors feedbacks.

The health tracking smart belt (Welt)

other sectors annoucementS

  • Oculus Rift announced on a blog post that the pre-orders will be finally open on January 6th.
    How much? Will it ship? Is it really different from the developper’s kit? No one knows yet… 
  • LG has shown off rollable 18-inch OLED screens.  It will also display a 55-inch screen that shows different images on each side.
    If those screen become washable/waterproof we can start dreaming about making clothes of them!

What can we expect NEXT?

  • Tomorrow, Huawei have something to tell us about Fashion x Technology!!  We just can’t wait! 


  • On January 7th, FashionWare will throw its High Tech Fashion runway show. According to their website, inspired designs from Forster Roehner Textile Innovations, a ScotteVest inspired outfit that suits today’s tech-totin’,  fashionistas 3D Printed Dresses, LED, iPhone Connected Dresses, Origami Inspired Evening Wear, Sports-centric biometric Clothing and a bevy of accessories from companies including: Orcam, ION, Merlin Digital will parade.
  • We will attend many conferences on wearables, but also on VR and on Web advertising.

Stay tuned, we stay awake. 

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Post written by Tali Fitoussi, Editor

Graduate student from IFM Paris, Tali is passionate about fashion and technology. Involved in valuable collaborations and internships at global companies like L’Oréal or Condé Nast, she helped organizing a conferences sessions at IFM Paris, and joined Clausette Magazine in September 2015.

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