Great Scott!! But have we reached #Back to the future fashion?

Today is THE day. We have been waiting for Marty’s return for sooo long.

And now, we can tell: we’re a little bit late but we nearly made to #BacktoTheFuture fashion. No, we are not talking about multiple ties, wearing pants inside-out or transparent neckties, we are talking about smart clothes and specially two of them: the self lacing shoes and the auto adjusting and auto-drying jacket.


Nike will do it. Today most probably (look at their last tweet).

Editor’S note:

Nike did it! Check out the video released by Michael himself.

Since 2011, Nike is teasing the release of this shoes, they have filed for a patent of the Power lace technology, they produced pairs of Hyperdunk McFly shoes between 2008 and 2013, and recently, on January 7, 2015, Tinker Hartfield, Nike designer who has work on the original and the replica stated that they would be available by the end of the year.


Auto-adjusting and auto-drying jacket

Marty McFly wore a jacket that can:

  • Auto adjust through a button on the bottom near the zipper
  • Dry itself when wet.

We had attempt of auto-adjustement by Hussein Chalayan in Spring 2007:

But this one needs improvement unless Lacoste is planning to grant our wishes:

Self-drying clothes are here. But we call them  Water-repellent or hyper-hydrophobic.

We already have water-repellent clothes like those of 5 water socks, Le LAB (seen at Who’s Next, they start they Kickstarter today!) or TheThreadsmiths:


And it’s improving! Lately scientists at the University of Rochester have discovered hyper-hydrophobic materials that repulse so strongly water and stain thanks to laser that the water gets bounced of.

“The material is so strongly water-repellent, the water actually gets bounced off. Then it lands on the surface again, gets bounced off again, and then it will just roll off from the surface,” said Guo, professor of optics at the University of Rochester. That whole process takes less than a second.

So I guess we’re not that bad… Right Marty ?

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Post written by Tali Fitoussi, Editor

Graduate student from IFM Paris, Tali is passionate about fashion and technology. Involved in valuable collaborations and internships at global companies like L’Oréal or Condé Nast, she helped organizing a conferences sessions at IFM Paris, and joined Clausette Magazine in September 2015.

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