Articulate, a bag against virtual identity theft

RFID technology has been banalized for more than fifteen years. Present in an unsuspected number of objects and even in living-beings (yes the chips inside cats and dogs), it allows contact less payment and the fastest way to go through customs thanks to the chip in your passports.

But this technology raises ethical problems at several levels. The one that we’re interested in today concerns the objects in your wallet and your (little) bag. Your credit card, your smartphone, your passport… Simply by passing by you, an ill-intentioned person could steal your personal data in a stealth. And that is chilling! But there are solutions. Articulate is a brand that offers small multifunctional bags. Good quality, practical and functional, affordable without sacricing style (well, this depends on people’s taste, but I’m not sure about the Californian Bitch style photoshoot…), these bags protect you by blocking the gathering of data. Although other brands offer such anti-RFID bags and wallets, it seems that this is the best design option for now.

880c5ed8d3f5d6699bcc9f780b7ed814_largeThe Kickstarter campaign is opened until Nov. 22nd, though the objective has been reached very early, you can still offer yourself this little bag for $35 instead of $42 at the launch.

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