Will Apple really launch an Apple Ring?

I don’t know about you, but if I was asked about what I’m mostly passioned about in the tech industry today, I’d say “Rumors”. Who doesn’t recall the rumors about the transparent smartphones, totally flexibles, with an infinite battery-life? The tons of unused patents by the tech giants? Talking about patents, here’s one more, it might be goofy, might be awesome, maybe a bit of both. Apple recently filed a patent describing a smart ring. It would be linked to an iPhone, be interactive thanks to a little touch-screen or pad, a microphone and of course haptic technology.


Goofy, because it seems too much for now. The Apple Watch is still a very recent product, and the second generation is not out yet that Apple is considering another wearable device. Tesla’s CEO considers the Apple Watch needs a second version, and when we think about it, it’s true that Apple tends to keep good surprises with its second versions. Remember the iPad, the iPhone… In terms of design and functionalities, the second versions are good surprises.

To make it short, it would be wiser to work on an Apple Watch that would convince everyone and relaunch the competition (even though filing a patent is not a stupid move). It would be better for everyone, than launching an unfinished ring that nobody would know what to do with.


or awesome?

Awesome, because Jonathan Ive has a true gift. Design is and has always been THE strongest point of Apple, for us aesthetic lovers. An Apple Ring would be an accomplishment for Fashion Tech. A true personal assistant, that we would imagine to be powerful and useful, well designed, nice to wear, light, it would be the perfect accessory. More discreet also, and more efficient, because the actions that we would set-up could be simplified. We could imagine to refuse a phone call, take a picture, launch any action previously set-up, without even looking down to it. In any case, it would be an incredible “One more thing”.

We don’t know what a product like this could really be, it could be the best or the worst. But it’s here that we can recognize Apple’s signature: the surprise and the curiosity, which have been major elements of its commercial line along the years, with more or less success. We just hope it’s not another patent filed for nothing, as the tech giants tend to do too much…

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Post written by Philippe Jourdain, Contributor

Student in Public Law & Local Government Law, Philippe developped a high interest in technological revolutions. Writer for a French poetry blog, he grasped the opportunity of joining Clausette Magazine in September 2015 in order to further develop his expertise through writing, exploring the Internet of Things; and thus better apprehend the connection between fashion & technology. He also is part of the Teacup Entertainment collective, which discrete action is to research and valorize the new talents in comedy, and occasionally participate to shoots of short films.


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