Apple Keynote | All fashion-related announcements you need to know about

Apple, wether you like it or not, is one of the big firms trying to get closer to the Fashion industry (or even to eat it?!). One more step was made in this direction yesterday during the unfamous Keynote.


The Apple Watch was a challenge for Apple. When the wearables market is currently in growth, not to say exploding, phone makers strive to impose their products. With 97% of satisfaction, Apple is doing really well; but, still, the Samsung Gear S2 might be the one true competitor, with its design winning fashion people’s hearts.
Samsung-Gear-S2-LookbookIf there is no hardware update, the software gets one and the look of the Watch itself still evoluates. A new color, the Rose Gold, is now available for the Apple Watch Edition, new color bands and Watch colors for the Apple Watch Sport.applewatch_sport

A very special edition was announced (which we styled up a bit), Apple collaborated with Hermès for a new set of leather bands and a new screen saver with the famous luxury brand’s logo. The other bracelets get new colors, some a bit flashy, others more neutral.
Even a (PRODUCT)Red band, which, like all products from this range, sees part of its price dedicated to the International fight against AIDS. Available from today, in 24 countries, including France.


Ok, the iPad might not really be a fashion object. But, we can still note that on the purely tech side, the hardware gets higher power, and its Microsoft Office suite makes it even more interesting to work with. Design remains the same as all iPad. The product still looks good, with its 12,9″ screen and (!) pencil. That can really be cool to do some graphic creation thanks to Adobe apps…! Last but not least, the range of possibilities to use it in a retail space may be really interesting… Still need to see it to decide.


“The future of TV? Apps”. A new remote, integration of Siri, a dedicated App Store for Apple TV… A lot of new things that could be interesting, but still need to see and use it to judge properly. More noticeable for us, the Gilt demo on Apple TV. Gilt developped an app to make its luxury online shopping service available on Apple TV. Fast, fluid… If the Apple TV is not a fashion product, this demo seems to be showing once again the ambition of Apple relating to fashion. Even more, just think about all the possibilities it would offer for online shopping if connected to a Kinect?!

And this breaking news…!


As usual now, no big change in the iPhone design: it’s an S generation. The 3GS was following the 3G, the 4S the 4, the 5S the 5; and now the 6S the 6 (say it faster please!). So what’s changing? They say “The only thing new is everything”. More powerful, faster, with new functionnalities… Including the 3D Touch, which really seems promising, even if the competition has already been using it for quite some time. And, we will be able to film in 4K: we can expect new advertising campaigns being filmed with iPhone 6S! Remember when the 5S was used for Burberry or even Queen B.
iphone-5s-burberry-1And a Rose Gold finition that gets some people really excited. The Internet went litterally crazy on it! 6s-colours.0

Beautiful products, and a renewn crave for fashion. Apple is again trying to seduce the fashion industry. But the competition is still strong and tempting; Gear S2 will probably be THE big competitor of the Apple Watch. And, as usual with Apple, we will wait for the reviews and tests before buying anything and see if these pretty promises are actually true.

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Post written by Philippe Jourdain, Contributor

Student in Public Law & Local Government Law, Philippe developped a high interest in technological revolutions. Writter for a French poetry blog, he grasped the oppportunity of joining Clausette Magazine in September 2015 in order to further develop his expertise through writing, exploring the Internet of Things; and thus better apprehend the connection between fashion & technology. He also is part of the Teacup Entertainment collective, which discrete action is to research and valorize the new talents in comedy, and occasionnally participate to shoots of short films.


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