Aposematic, the jacket that sees everything

Eyes everywhere… The Korean designers from Shinseungback Kimyonghun came out with the Aposematic Jacket, rather classic in its cut, it is dotted with little objectives that capture everything at 360°. Designed at first as an anti-agression weapon (well, I’m not sure it would work!), this jacket is inspired by aposematism (the ability for some animals to protect themselves by emitting warning signals).

Most of the lenses are only there to “scare”, only 4 of them actually work. They are connected via an integrated circuit to be triggered at the push of a start button. The images are then automatically reassembled on a panorama that uploads itself on the Cloud thanks to Wifi.

“How will people act when everything is recorded all the time? How is the ethics of humanity gonig to be in the age of ubiquitous surveillance?” Yong Hun asks. “With these questions in mind, we wanted to spark discussions about this new environment.”

Like Yin Gao, this project aims more at challenging and making people react on the issue of ever increasing level of monitoring in our societies, than to end up on Kickstarter.

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