TO WATCH | Follow Anouk Wipprecht’s #fashiontech creative process in Bullit’s ‘Hardware Couture’ documentary

One of the pioneers in Fashion & Technology designs is Anouk Wipprecht. The Dutch designer creates amazing wearable artworks at the crossroads of Fashion & Engineering. As both a designer and an engineer, Anouk wants to create a full experience of fashion. Instead of just being dressed with pretty clothes, she gives her designs the ability to interact with their wearers and even their close environment.

AW Spider Dress

Her most famous designs include the Intel Spider Dress presented at the CES in Vegas; the Smoke Dress and other lighting dresses mixing Fashion & Technology. In this documentary, we follow the designer and her longtime friend & collaborator Daniel Schatzmayr work on a special order for Volkswagen. The German auto company asked the designer to create 8 Fashion & Tech wearable designs, inspired by their newest cars’ design, to be showcased at a show to debut the International Frankfurt Automobile Show (one of the world’s biggest auto fairs).

“As a designer and an engineer, I’m interested in combining fashion & technology to its potential impact on our society” says Anouk. “I don’t want to wear or gaze at fashion. I want to experience, interact and participate in her.”


Watch the video below to see the talented and hardworking designer going through her biggest creative challenge to date. In the 24-minutes documentary, we follow her through the ups and downs of working on a world’s first: when fashion designs only need to be fitted several times before a show, interactive wearable dresses require a full attention to every details including programming the inner system, testing it, soldering the circuits… and fitting it to the models. Passioned and focused on her job for the event, the hard working designer did not stop when she had a scooter accident, and continued to work hard on her dresses, ignoring her doctors assignment to stay in bed. After days and nights of work, it resulted in an amazing Fashion & Technology show.

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