Andrea Crews upcycles your old clothes in a collaborative workshop

For its 15th birthday, the brand will have a retrospective exhibition in Paris from November 15 to 30

Andrea Crews was born in Palais de Tokyo, in a pile of clothes, in the middle of an explosion of collaborative creativity. Since this young collective was born back in 2002, it has been all about collaboration. As a firm believer that disciplines interpenetrate each other, Andrea Crews fostered this belief through its “Fashion Art Activism” manifesto and creative collective.

Activist- and fashion collective Andrea Crews often participates in upcycling workshops. Here at Ikikik!, with their help, visitors turned 430.000 kilo’s of recycled clothing into designer pieces.

Gathering more than a hundred designers to upcycle second hand clothing, it created a collective federating this movement. In 2005, the label team relooked a hundred pedestrian during Paris “Nuit Blanche” with second hand clothing provided by Secours Populaire NGO. Rooted in the upcycling wave, Andrea Crews plays with the consumerist society, “you’ve got too much clothes? I’ll transform them!

After years playing with the codes of fashion as an outsider, Andrea Crews integrated the official fashion week calendar in 2014. Taking the opportunity to celebrate its beginnings, the brand showed at the Musee d’Art Moderne, just in front of Palais de Tokyo.

Andrea Crews SS18 show.

If Andrea Crews is so cool, it’s thanks to its designer Maroussia Rebecq and her collaborations with hundreds of designers and mises. For the 15 anniversary of the label, the designer wanted to personify it into a young 15-year-old teenage girl, the perfect GenZ genderless youngster that loves partying, yet is engaged to her beliefs and dreams of changing the world, one selfie at a time.

In line with what makes her heart beat, Andrea Crews is celebrating her 15th birthday with an engaged and collaborative performance:

She invites you to bring your unworn garments at Galerie Le Coeur, from November 1st to 15th, so that she transforms them into bespoke pieces in a living and multi-disciplinary installation from November 15th to 30th.

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