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Inspiring fashion to change the world

in brief

It has already been more than five years since our exploration began. From a blog, “Clausette” launched at the end of 2014 to an online magazine in 2015, through to our reboot from Clausette to FUTUR404 in 2017, our journey nourished our reflections, forged and refined our vision. Since then, we launched our paper publication “.FUTUR” last year, we have grown our consulting activity and hired our first employee…

Time flies. Stress, great joys and little disappointments punctuate the daily life of our entrepreneurial adventure. A few loops in this emotional roller coaster and here we are, already in early 2020!

After a digital hiatus, we’re finally back to post articles, and will resume our URL activity within the coming weeks. Before that, we wanted to reveal our new positioning.

Until now, we were presenting ourselves as a Think Tank, a term whose definition varies according to the interlocutors (especially if they are French or Anglo-Saxon) which tended to make it confusing…



Having faith in our capacity to change the world

Like a page not found, FUTUR404 explores what hasn’t been “found_yet”. Throughout this constant exploration, our thinking became more refined. From these reflections was born our positioning, resolutely unique and committed.

We’re not an agency, nor a trend bureau. Not a (traditional) consulting firm, not (only) a media…

* Agentivité, \a.ʒɑ̃.ti.vi.te\ : French for Agency - coming from social sciences and from Anglo-Saxon philosophy, Agency (translated by Agentivité, notably in Canada) is the faculty of action of a being; its capacity to act on the world, things, beings, to transform or influence them.

We are an Atelier d’Agentivité®

  1. An on and offline media (this website and our print publication .FUTUR)
  2. Consulting services for fashion and luxury companies helping them sharpen their vision and thinking around the possible future.s
  3. What we call “Evangélisation” : educative content that we share during courses, conferences / panel talks and workshops (for companies, school as well as the wider public)

Through these three activities and more specifically our consulting services, we work in collaboration with our clients to develop our collective Agency – and so, our capacity to change the world. One in six human is said to be working directly or indirectly for the fashion industry: if we can manage to make a change in the daily lives of one in six human, to us, it seems obvious that this change could inspire more change outside of the industry…

Influencing the inside to inspire change on the outside.”

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