About us

futur404 is the new home for fashion innovation.

A media dedicated to exploring the possible futures of fashion, and their implications for our future societies.

After three years, growing from a personal blog to an online magazine, our journey with Clausette.cc gets to its next step.

When observing the online media landscape nowadays, one word comes to our mind: frenzy. Tired of running after time and scoops, we decided to pause and take the time to reflect.

This has led us to collectively look for our own rhythm.

With this new media, we are choosing consistency over what make our hearts beat: a passion and always-on curiosity for the future. This materializes through the imagination and conception of multiple possible futures for the fashion industry.

Inspired by the complexity of today’s world, futur404 materializes our reflexion over the sensation of a system failure. With a simple mission, in continuum of our work with clausette.cc:

exploring the unfound –

Our voice

As young generations, we have our word to say in what our world is becoming. It may sound far away from fashion. But, fundamentally, fashion is a way to express ourselves to the world, and at the same time it reflects a lot about today’s society. Thus, with our new tagline, “not found_yet”, we intend to explore tomorrow’s fashion, together, through this new media platform.

As fashion and technology come closer every day, a lot remains to be discovered. For three years now, we have been witnessing “fashion tech” emerge and have forged our own convictions about it. As “new” industries seem to emerge, most of us tend to add up the “tech” particle to it (food tech, auto tech, sex tech…). When we believe the reality is in fact made of different industries and worlds trying to come together, while still having trouble understanding each other. The barriers between these worlds, which are slowly disappearing, are at the centre of our exploration journey.

“Innovation”, “startups” and “technology” are at the centre of attention today, ending up being blurred notions people use without truly understanding. Different innovations, some implying technologies, some others not, can and will impact the fashion industry. What we witness today is that the fashion industry has come to a turning point, where inefficient or unsustainable processes have the opportunity of being addressed with new solutions made possible by the progresses of the 4th industrial revolution.

Our will, with futur404, is to take the necessary step aside, to get the bigger picture. To do so, we firmly believe in the open source approach.

Thus, and in conformity with our own values, futur404 is opened, accessible and allocates time to building qualitative content. We will provide you with two kinds of content here:

Short formats, digest and accessible – that allow you to discover subjects shaping the future of fashion, available through our reading list, and news section, on a weekly basis,

Longer pieces, richer and less often published, that allow us to take the time to reflect and cultivate an authentic stance over subjects, operations, brands, innovations or individuals that caught our attention.

* Last, but not least: what about advertising? As former advertisers, we don’t believe in the old media / ad format. Why? Do we still need to explain why? We all have AdBlockers, and find it very unpleasant when asked by a media to turn it off, especially to see messages that have nothing to do with what we are looking for. Thus, and in line with what we did with Clausette.cc, you will see no traditional banner-like adverts on our website. However, we do work with brands on native advertising format. In consistency with our values, these will always be marked as such. 

Curious about what we do IRL? Learn more about our service offering or send us a note, we’re always looking for new talents!

Photo Fabrice Malard.

Our team

Noémie Balmat

After 4 years working in leading advertising agencies, Noémie founded Clausette.cc, the first French FashionTech media in 2014. She has then been freelance consulting; helping her clients sharpening their vision around the dazzling evolutions of innovation. On top of being incubated at Station F, Noémie began public speaking in 2015, with 40+ conferences at events such as Viva Technology, Premiere Vision or the Hyères Fashion Festival. She has co-founded Futur 404 in September 2017 with Allan Joseph.

Allan Joseph

After graduating from Toulouse Business School in 2012 and having multiple experiences as a Strategist during 5 years, Allan joined Clausette.cc in December 2015, and co-founded Futur 404 in September 2017 with Noémie Balmat.

Alessandra Marson

Alessandra is writing a comparative thesis in Italo-French Industrial Law. Made in Italy is her thing. She is to move to NY in January 2018 for 5 months to attend supplementary classes on commercial and industrial law. In 10 years she sees herself talking to an audience with slides on her back showing progress trends.

Manon Renault

Manon Renault is an independent journalist and sociologist who sweeps academic references to analyze contemporary fashion and culture - and its so-called frivolity. With a Double Master (from the Sorbonne) taking the framework of Cultural Studies, Manon is interested in the paths of research and the diffusion of thought on fashion in France. She also writes pop columns on WGTFLW and Research Papers on publications like Antiquipop and teaches sociology of fashion in various schools in Paris.

Valerie Vacante

Valerie Vacante founded Collabsco, a strategy & innovation firm based in Austin, Texas. She is an entrepreneurial leader with 13+ years of progressive experience in creating digital strategies, emerging products and experiences spanning startups and global brands such as AT&T, Mercedes-Benz and Nestlé among others. She joined FUTUR404 in June 2016.

Sarah Banon

Graduate student from French Business School ESSEC, Sarah is passionate about fashion and spends her free time writing. She is very curious and likes to discover and study new trends. She joined FUTUR404 in May 2016.

Tali Fitoussi

Graduate student from IFM Paris, Tali is passionate about fashion and technology. Involved in valuable collaborations and internships at global companies like L’Oréal or Condé Nast, she helped organizing a conferences sessions at IFM Paris and joined Clausette.cc in September 2015.

Amandine Richardot

After her marketing studies at Sciences Po Paris, and past experiences in luxury and fashion, Amandine decided to start working in the innovation field. She now works at Sculpteo, online 3D printing service, where she deals with communications and content. She is passionate about digital and how technologies impact our society.

Kalif Ismael

Fascinated by fashion and its industry, Kalif is an open and curious mind that loves exploring the world around him. After a remarkable experience in the field of e-commerce and photo styling, he joined Futur404 in 2017. With his keen eye, he appreciates analyzing trends and the progressions made in terms of creations, brand strategy and innovations in fashion and textiles. He has a particular taste for discovering uncommon talents in contemporary fashion and he shares a strong interest for sustainable fashion.

Fabrice Starzinskas

Séverine Hyvernat

After several years in a PR agency based in Paris, Séverine is now entrepreneur since October, 2017, dedicated to designers and to fashion, design and lifestyle structures to develop their aura, their network and their renown. She uses her communication skills to give rise to actions in different areas = brand strategy, editorial contents, press and PR actions, partnerships and business relations.

daco io

daco helps retailers and brands benchmark their competitors, using the latest technologies including artificial intelligence and computer vision. Founded by Anis Gandoura, Claire Bretton and Paul Mouginot, 3 former strategy consultants and data experts, passionate about fashion, daco has grown in 1,5 year from a startup to a relevant SME within the "FashionTech" landscape. daco founders are often invited to share their experience in front of students or industry experts such as at Institut Français de la Mode, Traffic, Viva Technology or business schools.

Paul Mouginot

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