2415, Studio XO launched its Gen-Z centered brand

We tell you why we love it

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In an era of uninterrupted communications, where fashion and innovation are getting closer everyday, it was about time the fashion tech movement gained ground in streetwear. During this season of Fashion Week, it was impossible for our watchful eyes to miss the 2415 phenomenon. With a vivid take on Fashion and Tech, the next generation brand engages with technology to bring its version of fashion tech for the youth to life. As the first app connected streetwear brand, 2415’s new line let’s you wear the internet, bringing art and music to your hoody.

During the presentation on day one of London Fashion Week, the interactive line (anticipated to land next year) revealed included limited edition branded t-shirts, fitted with tailored RFID tags. These tags unlocked exclusive perks, the first one providing early access to the 50 lucky attendees.

“In today’s fashion world we want instant gratification and we now dress, show and share online. In this hyper-connected culture TwentyFour15 enables its consumers to remix fashion using a specially designed digital platform. The TwentyFour15 squad will co-create with us, defining the future of fashion through digital threads. TwentyFour15 will alter perceptions of wearable tech in fashion, expect secret code and easter eggs embedded in our apparel. We invite users to sign up to our tribe and co-create a new movement in fashion. TwentyFour15 is here to stir up what fashion means in the twenty first century. » Richard Thornn, Creative Lead

Conceived as a mean of self-expression, the 2415’s clothes greater purpose lies in creating a new movement : challenging the way fashion is perceived nowadays. This entire collection’s true aim is to enable the body to become a platform, allowing its wearers to express themselves through light. Thus, it provides them with a sense of full-ownership of their own content, through the technology woven into the fabric.

« TwentyFour15 launched in London to celebrate its roots in the fashion capital and to contribute to London’s fashion counterculture. Coupling fashion with science, TwentyFour15 products enable unique fashion interactions that beat to the rhythm of the wearer’s life. They express emotion through colour, light, and connectivity. The ultimate playlist for the body. TwentyFour15 is fashion remixed. ». Richard Thornn, Creative Lead

Fusing art, music and lights, 2415 take on fashion tech enhances the apparel by allowing it to translate emotions in many aspects, almost transforming it in a second skin for the wearer. Do these kind of singular fashion offering, that pushes the concept of « platform » further, mean we are taking steps toward a future made of emotional transparency ? After all, we all already do it all-day through social media… :)

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